Solid Rocket Motors

Solid rocket design hasn’t changed much in 50 years, but with our new Next Generation Design, we have developed SRMs with an Isp of 318sl. This is a vast improvement over current SRMs on the market (Isp 267sl). Our rockets motors provide lighter weight for airborne missiles which gives defense aircraft a greater payload capability. They also provides a greater mass factor for space launch vehicles.

Next Generation Design – a Game Changer

Key elements of our design are shown below

  • High Isp fuel (318sl 1st & 2nd stages, 339v 3rd stage)
  • Proprietary thermal protection barrier (1/8 in. tested to provide 1,900 C. gradient for 30 min.)
  • Proprietary lightweight high temperature exhaust nozzles (Increases mass factor: provides
    4% additional payload capacity for a three stage rocket)
  • Lightweight carbon fiber body
  • In-house designed igniter

Space Mission Architects, Inc. provides solid rocket motors (SRMs) for a wide variety of uses: from very small motors for defense and meteorological uses to booster rockets for large space launch vehicles, as well as rocket engines for main stage propulsion. Please contact us with the specific needs for your application.

Also see our R&D page for igniters, flexible thermal insulating materials, lightweight high temperature rocket nozzles, liquid fuels and liquid fuel engines.

Contact Space Mission Architects, Inc. for all of your solid rocket motor needs!