SMA-The Future

The Immediate Future

Space Mission Architects was founded to provide access to space for as many people as possible. Our initial goal has been to substantially lower the cost per kg. to orbit so that access to space is affordable. To this end, we are currently in the process of developing an enhanced rocket fuel with a substantially higher Isp than anything that is currently in use.

Within the next three years, we will launch to LEO, GSO, GTO, SSO, TLI and TMI.

By 2025-2026, we hope to be able to provide launch services in the 15,000-30,000 kg. range at a price of hundreds of dollars per kg. to LEO rather than the current price of thousands of dollars per kg.

And Then…

SMA will play an active role in:

Space Infrastructure

In order to live on the moon, Mars, or any other extraterrestrial body, we are going to need many of the things we take from granted on Earth. We will be involved in:

  • Space Communications
  • Producing extraterrestrial resources such as electricity, water, oxygen, and various types or fuels
  • Providing the equipment necessary to extract raw materials at extraterrestrial locations such as the moon and Mars.
  • Providing extraterrestrial manufacturing facilities for various products
  • Providing basic services: housing, transportation, food, etc.
  • Constructing infrastructure: roads, central basic utilities and distribution, medical facilities, recreation facilities, etc.

Moon and Mars Taxis

Don’t go to Mars in a cramped minivan when you can go there in a five star hotel! Imagine a “Battleship Galactica” sized ship with all the comforts of home. Our taxis will continually loop around the moon and Earth, and also around Mars and Earth. You will simply catch a shuttle craft from Earth and rendezvous with the taxi. At the other end (moon or Mars), you will disembark and catch another shuttle to the surface. On our taxis, you will enjoy artificial gravity, comfortable sleeping quarters, gourmet meals, a wide variety of social and recreational activities, telephone and Internet connections, a completely staffed state-of-the-art medical and surgical facility, and much more.

Research and Development

While we are off building rockets and space taxis, it is important not to forget basic research into the building blocks of our endeavors. We will not wait for someone else to do what is necessary; SMA will play an active role itself in such things as:

  • Meteorite protection
  • Radiation protection
  • More efficient space propulsion systems
  • Minimizing travel time between destinations in space
  • Basic physics, materials, etc. as it applies to the space industry, for example:
    • Superconductivity
    • Nano technology
    • Metamaterials

And then?

We don’t know for certain what the future holds. But whatever transpires, Space Mission Architects will be there to address the needs of humankind in its space-faring exploration of the universe.