In 2023, with our SMA-2 Micro Rocket, Space Mission Architects will aim to set a new Guinness World Record for the smallest rocket ever to launch a satellite into orbit.

Our SMA-2 series rockets are revolutionary! Space Mission Architects is the only company in the space launch industry using our proprietary high powered and extremely reliable solid fuel rocket motors. We have also designed a very lightweight launch vehicle which allows us to put heavier payloads into orbit with much smaller rockets than other companies.

Our 2023 World Record launch will demonstrate these capabilities. From there, our rockets are scalable. Larger versions will be able to launch small satellites for just $4,900/kg. compared to $25,000/kg for our competitors. And, we will also be able to launch medium sized payloads up to 7,803 kg. for as little as $990/kg.


Space Mission Architects will be the first in the

industry to break the $1,000 barrier

Who Will Benefit?

The whole USA, frankly, and even beyond. A recent survey showed that 72% of Americans feel that it is important for the US to remain Number One in the Space Industry. Space Mission Architects will help to achieve this goal. All too often, universities and small companies cannot afford the enormous launch costs and long wait times to fly their satellites with one of the larger space launch companies. We will bring the cost down so that eventually, the kid down the street will be able to launch his own satellite with his paper route money!