Invest in The Highly Profitable Solid Rocket Motor Industry

Most launch company contenders eventually go out of business, while those who remain are struggling.

Our goal at Space Mission Architects, Inc. has always been to become a major force in the space launch industry. However, we realize that it is extremely difficult to make a profit in this business.

Profitability – A Different Approach

Our approach to getting into space differs from other contenders in the launch business in that we will use solid fuel rocket motors (SRMs) for the first and second stages of our launch vehicles. They are cheap, reliable, and can be stored, fully fueled for extended periods, on or off the launch pad. Our third stage will use a hypergolic liquid fuel which will provide pinpoint accuracy for orbit placement, and will be able to stop and restart for placing multiple satellites into different orbits.

The Current Market For SRMs in The US Alone is $16 Billion Per Year

Solid Rocket Motors: A Secondary Market

We are first developing the solid rocket motors to be used in our space launch vehicles. However, these SRMs can also be marketed to DOD, NASA, and other launch companies for use as booster rockets.

  • The current market for SRMs in the US alone is $16 billion per year.
  • There are only two manufacturers of SRMs in the US. Due to the lack of competition, SRMs are highly profitable.



Rocket Motor Under Test

Space Mission Architects is partnering with a major US research laboratory for the research and development of a cutting edge solid rocket fuel which will be used in our SRMs. This newly developed fuel will allow rockets to place larger payloads into orbit, and will enable fighter aircraft to carry more armament payloads due to the decrease in missile weight.


We are currently seeking investment capital for the development of our new, highly advanced, quantum-based solid rocket fuel. With an increase in thrust of 30% or more over any other solid fuel currently available on the market, our new fuel is destined to become the industry standard. Space Mission Architects will have 100% ownership in the associated Intellectual Property.

SMA will soon be in a position to capture a meaningful market share of the $16 billion annual SRM market. Just 1% of this market would translate into $160 million annually. Space Mission Architects has the advantages of being SBIR certified and is designated as a Disabled Veteran owned business. This gives us a preference in obtaining NASA and DOD contracts.

To receive a complete package on this investment opportunity, please contact us though our contact page, or send an email to with INVEST in the subject line.