Over the next decade, the space industry is destined to become a multi-trillion dollar industry. Senate Aviation and Space Subcommittee Chairman, Ted Cruz, has stated that he believes that the world’s first trillionaire will be made in the space industry. Our motto, We Create the Future, expresses the overall driving force for our company. For launch vehicles, this means bringing the launch cost down as low as possible in order to make access to space a reality for as many people as possible. Our launch vehicle family, the SMA-2, will do just that.

The current for-profit launch market is dominated by just two players, Space-X (Falcon 9), with 39% of the market, and Europe’s Ariane 5 with 22%. Both companies deal in high capacity payloads. ULA’s Delta IV Heavy is shown for comparison.

VehiclePayload to LEO, Kg.     Launch Cost USDPrice Per Kg. USD
Delta IV Heavy (ULA)28,790$350 million$12,157
Ariane 5-ECA (ESA)22,635 (est.)$185 million (est.)$8,173
Falcon 9 FT (SpaceX)22,800$62million
$50 million (re-used)
$5,000 rideshare
$2,719-$2,193 full manifest
Falcon Heavy (SpaceX)63,800$150 million
$90 million (re-used)
$1,491-$2,351 full manifest
SMA-21,277-7,803$6.3-$7.7 million*$990-$4,900* (*depending on payload and configuration)

Space Mission Architects offers some of the lowest prices per kg. to orbit of any space launch vehicle in the world. Our SMA-2 Booster Augmented will be the first to break the $1,000/kg. barrier!

There is a growing market for smaller launch vehicles which can launch modest sized payloads into orbit. Without these smaller vehicles, customers must either pay the full launch cost of a large vehicle or wait until there is space on a shared ride.

There is currently only one solid competitor in the small payload market, the Rocket Lab Electron . In 2020, Rocket Lab did a total of seven launches and currently has a two year plus backlog.

There are one or two other rocket companies shown below, but most still remain in the planning stages.

VehiclePayload to LEO, kg.Launch Cost USDPrice Per Kg. USD
Electron (Australia, US)300$7.5 million$25,000
Firefly Alpha (planned)1,000$15 million$15,000
SMA-2 Mini118$1.8 million$15,000
Astra (planned)205 (est.)$2.5 million (unverified)$12,167
SMA-21277-7803$6.3-$7.7 million*$990-4,900* (*depending on payload and configuration)

It is estimated that there will be 2,600 small satellites needing to go to orbit in the next five years, and 11,631 in the next 10 years. Demand is far outstripping supply. Considering that Space Mission Architects will offer the lowest price per kg. to orbit for given payloads, we expect to have a large market share. We are competitive for both small and medium payloads as shown by the charts above.

Our Technology

  • The use of lightweight and leading-edge materials decreases inert mass and thus allows for a greater payload with the same amount of fuel.
  • In-house development of a high Isp solid fuel produces more thrust for our solid fuel first and second stages.
  • Our third (liquid) stage utilizes non-cryogenic fuel which eliminates the need for heavy and highly pressurized tanks. In addition, in case of a delayed launch, our rockets can remain fully fueled for an extended period of time on the launch pad, rather than having to off-load the fuel, which is the case with cryogenics.
  • All versions of the SMA-2, including the Mini and the Micro, are scaled off of one another. Thus, our proven technologies are merely repeated, which decreases R&D costs while at the same time providing reliability.

The SMA-2 Micro

Not mentioned in the matrices above is the SMA-2 Micro, which is truly in a class of its own. The tentative maiden launch of this vehicle will be in the fall of 2022. Not only will this vehicle serve as a “proof of concept” for our overall SMA-2 family design, but the rocket will attempt to claim the Guinness World’s Record for the smallest rocket ever to launch a satellite into orbit, a record currently held by the Japanese.

SMA-2 Micro22 kg. to LEO kg.Launch Cost $1.7 millionPrice per kg. $75,000

The high cost per kg. of this rocket is due to the fixed costs of launching a rocket into space. Although the manufacturing cost is lower for this small rocket, launch site facilities leasing, insurance and other costs and fees comprise a large percentage of the total launch costs.

Opportunities as an Advertiser

Imagine your company logo painted on the side of our rocket. Then imagine that your logo will be seen by missions of TV viewers around the world as we attempt to set a world record as we launch from Cape Canaveral with a Guinness judge present, along with numerous officials and members of the press. Your contribution is acknowledged with a handshake from a representative from our company to one of yours, all on international news camera coverage. What would that be worth to you? Let us know! Contact Us

Other Opportunities

See below for other opportunities for government agencies and rideshare brokers. Our individual sponsorship program with Indiegogo will be announced in late 2021. Check our News page often for the latest information.

More About The Company

The company will soon be located at the Coconut Creek, Florida. It will initially occupy 7,500 sq.ft. of industrial space, with 25% used for offices and administration. This space will be used for the development and production of the SMA-2 Micro.

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Summary of Opportunities and Benefits of Doing Business With Space Mission Architects

For Advertisers/Brand Managers

  • Worldwide coverage
  • Your company logo on the rocket
  • Your company representative on the podium
  • Photo ops
  • Your company listed on our website and on our social media


Satellite Owners

As a co-sponsor of this Guinness World Record attempt, you get

  • Worldwide coverage
  • Your company name on the rocket
  • Your company representative on the podium
  • Photo ops
  • Your company listed on our website
  • and on our social media

Or we can simply launch your payload

Rideshare Brokers

Let Space Mission Architects be your launch provider! With a size to fit everyone, we can aggregate your payloads and launch more quickly than other launch companies. Orbits/destinations are fully customizable including lunar, Mars, and other destinations. Call us now to discuss your specific needs!

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