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At Space Mission Architects, we create the future!

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Our mission is to make the dream of space travel possible for those who boldly want to take the next step to explore new worlds.
Space is our destiny, just like the West was for the early pioneers.
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SMA-2 rocket family
We are a manufacturer and provider of space launch vehicles for small satellites with headquarters in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. We will offer a wide range of launch services for small to medium payloads to almost any orbit or location. For more specifics, please see our “Launch Vehicles” page.
We will be the first to break the $1,000 barrier with launch costs as low as $990/kg. to LEO! Launch dates will be available beginning in late 2023. Within five years, this cost is expected to be cut by more than half. More information is available on our “Launch With Us” page.
SMA Next Generation Mystery Vehicle
Our business plan first involves the creation of our SMA-2 family of highly efficient and reliable rockets. Following this development, we intend to introduce a vehicle to the space industry with revolutionary technology.

We also have plans to develop space infrastructure

and communications,

as well as Lunar and Mars taxis.

At Space Mission Architects, we not only foresee the future, we create the future!