Be a Part of the First Humans to Mars Mission!

If you are passionate about sending Humans to Mars and are excited about the space industry in general, we have a place for you!

We are a vibrant aerospace startup company which is initially concentrated in two areas. First, we have the goal of orchestrating the first Humans to Mars Mission. The problem has not been a lack of desire to go to Mars or a lack of technology: what has been lacking is money. And we know where to get it. Imagine yourself being a part of the greatest endeavor in human history!

Second, we believe that the space industry is poised to become a multi-trillion dollar industry over the next decade. Even now, it is roughly at $350 billion. We intend to be a part of that. A revolutionary space launch vehicle is currently under development that will be a game changer for launching satellites, ferrying crews and cargo to the ISS, and in the up and coming space tourism industry. We aim to be the first in the business to utilize this exciting new technology.

To accomplish our first exciting mission, we are in need of volunteers in the following areas:

Webmaster– Prefer someone who can code http & css, knows SEO, back linking, Google Analytics, etc. You will be updating and enhancing the website on an ongoing basis, and striving to move us up in Google ranking.

Graphic Artist– Assist webmaster with design and layout. Occasional work in print media. Should be knowledgeable in artistic layout and Photoshop; InDesign a plus. The person in this position will be responsible for making the website eye-catching and easy to read.

Writers– Write technical articles and blogs pertaining to the space industry. Should have a definite interest and some knowledge in the subject matter. The writer will serve to keep viewers interested in the site by creating pertinent and interesting content. However-please, no pseudo-science.

Social Media Expert– Solid knowledge of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Know how to increase friends and followers. This person will also help to boost the Google ranking and general popularity of the site.

Public Relations and Outreach Manager– Know how to reach people in government positions, both foreign and domestic, as well as prominent people in the space industry. Obtain sponsors for various portions of the program.

Videographer– Produce YouTube videos pertinent to the space industry. These videos will not only provide information to the public, but will serve to increase the company’s visibility as well.

If you don’t have any of the above skills, we can still use you! For example, we need as many people as possible to lobby Congress to support our Mars plan.

Everyone has skills which are so often under-utilized. We’ll help to bring out the best in you!

Hours are flexible, and will always conform you your individual availability. Although we are headquartered in Boston, most people will work from home, wherever that may be. We will have periodic staff meetings and brainstorming sessions (mostly online) where everyone’s input will be welcome.

pointed-fingerThe above are all volunteer positions. However, paid positions will be available sometime next year. Volunteers will be given priority consideration for these positions.

We are committed to this endeavor because there is no other cause so far-reaching, audacious, and challenging as sending the first humans to Mars. By working with us, you will receive the personal satisfaction of having played a part in the success of this mission. Your name, picture, and bio will be prominently displayed in the staffing area of our website. In addition, upon the success of this mission, your name and photo will become part of a permanent monument on Mars to be launched and erected on our first Humans to Mars mission.


Do you have the passion? Do you have the fire in your belly? Then we need you. To be considered for a position, please register at: apply-now-button

Do you know someone else who might be interested, and who has a skill set which would be of benefit? Tell them!

As a registered volunteer, you will receive regular updates on our progress to send Humans to Mars. In addition, you will watch from the inside as the company takes its place as a leader in the space industry.