Space Mission Architects announces the SMA-1 small satellite launch vehicle! The SMA-1 will be able to lift 1067 kg. into LEO. In addition, SMA-1 will also be able to deliver payloads to other orbits and destinations, including the moon and Mars. For more information, visit our “Launch With Us” page.


We are currently looking for investors or investment groups to underwrite our newest project. For more information on this, please see the “Invest” page.


Looking for a job with great benefits in the aerospace industry? Space Mission Architects is currently taking applications. We are looking for the best of the best in all categories. If you are a believer that nothing is impossible given time, you might be a great fit for us. Employment for some categories will begin in January, 2020, and ramping up to full capacity shortly thereafter. Moving allowance along with many other benefits. For complete information, please see our “Employment” page.